Early days.

Bits & pieces 17th January, 1947.

The Club was formed in 1946. The first meeting was held on 30th August 1946 at the Dyers and Bleachers Club in Tiviot Dale, Stockport.

Several of the members had been members of the 'Manchester Club' which had a track in Platt Fields. Apparently this club folded probably because of the war.

The founder members were:

H.E.Clow, W.Plume, B.Collier, H. Bramwell, N.Wooler, E.Terry, A.W.Terry, F.Healey, R.Fairhurst, T.Standing, F.Howells, G.Standen.

From the very early days the first meeting of the month has been a "bits and pieces" discussion, this still going on today. The attached photo' shows a meeting held 17th January, 1947, numbers appear to have swelled!

(This section will be updated and added to when I've spoken to our longer serving members to establish further dates and facts.)