2017 2.5" rally.

Andy Lawton lighting up Dick Bushell's "Dyak"

Dick Bushell driving his loco.

"Dyak Queen", built by Dave Illett's father, now owned by Chris Almond.

Norman Almond's lovely A3.

Steve Eaton's freelance 4-4-0, fitted with marine type boiler......

Backhead of the 4-4-0 .......

and going nicely!

John Baguly preparing the P2 he's been overhauling for a friend.......

and going well!

Paul Wootton's 0-4-2 tank.

Going really well, amazing what these small engines can pull.

On Sunday 20th August we held what is becoming our yearly 2.5" rally. There was a good turnout of loco's and the ladies did sterling work with refreshments for all.