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                                                                                                     Raffle seller                                                                                                                                                                      





5th November.                Bits and pieces.


19th November, talk.      The lost railways of Manchester and beyond.


3rd December.                Bits and pieces.


17th December.              Christmas quiz and mince pies. 




7th January. Bits and pieces.

21st January, talk.          Flight without flaps.


4th February.                  Bits and pieces. 


18th February, talk.        Are we alone in the universe?


4th March.                      Bits and pieces.


18th March, talk.            From flying shuttle to robotic

                                      weaving of aeroplane parts. (To be confirmed)


1st April.                        Bits and pieces.


15th April.                      Annual General Meeting.


6th May.                         Bits and pieces.


20th May, talk.               Cave rescue and engineering (to be confirmed)


3rd June.                        Bits and pieces.


17th June.                      Track night.


1st July.                          Bits and pieces.


15th July.                        Track night.