July 20th                  Track night.

August 1st                Committee.

August 3rd               Bits and pieces,  tabletop. 

August 17th             Transport in Manchester.                             Chris Makepiece.

August 19th             2.5" rally.

September 7th         Bits and pieces.

September 21st       Sheer perfection. (Crossley motors)         Bernard Champness.

October 3rd              Committee.

October 5th              Bits and pieces,  tabletop.

October 19th            R.N.L.I.                                                            Maurice Littlewood.

November 2nd         Bits and pieces.

November 16th        Club auction / table sale.

December 5th          Committee.

December 7th          Bits and pieces,  tabletop.

December 21st        Quiz night.