February 23rd / 24th - Manchester Model Engineering Exhibition.

                                  Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham.




March 1st - Bits and Pieces.

March 15th - Talk.  Investment Castings.

April 3rd - Committee.

April 5th - Bits and Pieces,   Tabletop.

April 19th - A.G.M.

May 3rd - Bits and Pieces.

May 17th - Talk. Joseph Whitworth.

June 5th - Committee.

June 7th - Bits and Pieces,   Tabletop.

June 21st - Track night.

July 5th - Bits and Pieces.

July 19th - Track night.

August 2nd - Bits and Pieces,   Tabletop.

August 7th - Committee.

August 16th - Evening steamup and BBQ.

August 18th, - 2.5" Rally,  No further details as yet.

September 6th - Bits and Pieces.

September 20th - TBA

October 2nd - Committee.

October 4th - Bits and Pieces,   Tabletop.

October 18th - TBA.

November 1st - Bits and Pieces.

November 15th - TBA.

December 4th - Committee.

December 6th - Bits and Pieces,   Tabletop.

December 20th - Quiz night.